St Ninian's Primary School
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School Safety


St Ninian’s Primary Eco Committee are working hard to realise their dream of making their school a healthier, safer place where children can travel to and from school safely and in an environmentally friendly way. We aim to help the children to make safer and healthier choices about getting to and from school. Some of the ways that children might consider getting to school is cycling, walking, jogging, bus or train. We work closely with Land and Environmental Service to ensure that our children are aware of safe travel to and from school.


Junior Road Safety Officers work with Mrs McRoberts and attend regular meetings in the City Chamber where they highlight school safety concerns to Glasgow City Council.


Our School Safety initiatives have included:

  • Organising ‘Walk to School Wednesdays’ in Summer term
  • Increasing awareness amongst pupils, staff and parents about the environmental, safety health and social consequences of their travel choices
  • Encouraging an exclusion zone around the school where children will get dropped off in a safe place, a safe distance from the school and finish their journey by foot.
  • Increasing the percentage of pupils regularly walking to school from home
  • Increasing the number of journeys to school by bike or scooter from home by installing bicycle racks and lockable sheds
  • Reducing the number of incidents of both bus company and public members parking on zig zag lines