St Ninian's Primary School
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Parent Council

Parent Council

St Ninian’s Parent Council is made up of parents/carers and teaching staff
and its role is to represent the views of the Parent Forum (all of the
parents and carers of children at the school). In particular we aim to:-

· Provide opportunities for parents/carers to become more
actively involved in their child’s education;

· Promote better and relevant communication between
parents/carers and the school; and

· Encourage participation for all parents/carers and children
in the school’s social calendar and fundraising events.

Over recent years the Parent Council have been working alongside the school
and have achieved the following:-

· Researched alternative and more economic suppliers of the
school uniform.

· Raised awareness of road safety and parking issues through
liaison with the school, our local Councillor, Community Police and
First Bus;

· Corresponded with the Education Department of the City
Council on key issues affecting the school.

In addition to this the Parent Council has continued to hold fundraising
events and over the years we have made a donation to the school to be used
for improvements to the library and playground and paid for the buddy
benches. We also fund an end of term Ice Cream Fun Day every year. In
2017 we held a successful fun day with all the money raised paying for a
whole school trip to Almond Valley.

We hope to build on these achievements and new Parent Council members are
most welcome. We usually meet every 6-8 weeks at 6:30pm - 7:30pm in the
school. If you would like to become involved, or have an issue or idea
you would like us to discuss with the school then please get in touch.

You can contact us through the school office or by email at  or like us on Facebook, Twitter and
instagram for updates and information at ?St Ninian?s Parent Council?.

Current Parent Council members are Mrs McLachlan, Rebekah Aitken, Allyson
Byrne, Julie Murphy, Josephine Hunter, Karen O'Connor,
Elizabeth Fullerton, Joanne Moore and Nicole Farrell.