St Ninian's Primary School
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Curriculum For Excellence


Early Level        The pre-school years and P1, or later for some.

First Level         To the end of P4, but earlier or later for some.

Second Level    To the end of P7, but earlier of later for some.


Young people are expected to attain the levels at the appropriate stages as set out above. Some children will start learning at these levels earlier and others later, depending upon individual needs and aptitudes. We regularly track children’s attainment and our attainment figures are impressive and a continuously improving


There is personal support to help young people fulfil their potential and make the most of their opportunities with additional support wherever that’s needed. There will be a new emphasis by all staff on looking after our children’s health and wellbeing – to ensure that the school is a place where children feel safe and secure.


Ultimately, Curriculum for Excellence’s aim is to improve our children’s life chances, to nurture successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors, and responsible citizens, building on Scotland’s reputation for providing excellent education.